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Perfumeヲタ&VJ&MAD映像作家。MarginalRec. VJ
2007年よりVJとしての活動を開始。DJのスピンする曲に合わせた映像を、瞬時にBPM同期させるリップシンクという緻密な技術を得意とする一方で、8ミリフィルム素材やCG、実写画像等をコラージュした雑食性なVJスタイルを併せ持つ。楽曲の世界観を重視したMAD PVは、全農連Pとコラボした『When They Cry -Rosin Mix-』でニコニコ動画デイリー音楽総合ランキング2位を獲得。動画投稿サイトでの累計再生数は70万pv超と、多方面から高く評価されている。彼のVJブースは、大量の映像送出機材で埋め尽くされており、共演VJに多大なる迷惑をかける事で悪名高い、大の機材ヲタク。

Perfume fanatic, VJ, Video Mashup artist. Marginal Rec. VJ
Started to VJ in 2007. Has the amazing ability to
“lipsync”, instantaneously synchronizing the BPM of
the video to the song being played by the DJ.
His various VJ style also includes collaging 8mm film
pieces, CG, and photographs.

His highly acclaimed video mashup “When They Cry -Rosin Mix-”
created in collaboration with ZENNOUREN-P
ranked Top 2 in the Niconico Daily Ranking charts
and has had more than 700,000 views.

Notorious among co-VJs for his huge amount of equipment,
a result of his great love for hardware.


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